How interesting! This course focuses on a family-based approach to losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I love the idea that parents or other caregivers can serve as an example for how to eat healthfully, exercise regularly, and have fun with kids and family members at the same time.

What barriers do you experience when counseling patients who are making lifestyle changes in order to achieve weight loss? 


The fact that this article highlights how practitioners can support families in taking a holistic approach that gets the entire support system involved is so refreshing! Not singling one person out and treating them differently is a foundation that can create more sustainable, positive outcomes. Putting the focus on healthy habits as a 'team' can reframe the entire weight loss discussion in a supportive way. 

Virginia Hultin replied on

In my past experience counseling individuals looking to make shifts in their habits, lack of support was one of the most difficult challenges to overcome. Whether it's a child, spouse, or other member of the family working on adapting a healthier lifestyle, having a support system is absolutely essential! I love the comment above around reframing goals for the 'team' versus the individual. This gives the family or social support unit a shared purpose, making it much more likely (and fun) to achieve their goals.

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